Introducing the AP-HM

AP-HM Marseille (France)


Welcome at the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille
Marseille Public University Hospital System


With 4 hospitals and 3,400 beds, the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille is the largest health centre in the Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur region of France.

Our hospitals offer the highest standards of clinical skills and nursing care. 2,000 physicians are committed to providing excellent and accessible health services to everyone within a full range of specialties, and advancing care through pioneering hospital-based research programs and educating future health care professionals with the University School of Medicine.


For adults and children, we provide hospital care services going from primary care to cutting-edge treatments of complex and rare pathologies.


 Key figures 2012 :
1.25 billion euros budget
3 397 hospital beds
81 operating rooms
2 gamma units
2 pet scans
1 002 139 consultations
203 011 patients seen in emergency units
238 transplants


 More key figures


 To contact any of our 4 hospitals : a single phone number
From France : 04 9138 0000
International : +33 491 380 000


 Centre hospitalier de la Timone (adults and children)


 Hôpital Nord (adults and children)


 Hôpital de la Conception


 Hôpitaux Sud : Sainte-Marguerite and Salvator




Vital Emergency, dial 15
24 hours a day - free call


Heart attack, stroke, vascular accident, traffic accident…
In case of vital emergency anywhere in Marseille and the Bouches-du-Rhône district, dial “15” or +33 (0)4 9149 9191 - Emergency medical help service (SAMU)




Patient information


 Find a physician (medicine or surgery) :
Make an appointment for :
a consultation
a medical imaging exam
- a medical test


 You are going to be hospitalized


 Medical costs (consultation, exam, blood test, hospitalization…) :


To benefit from total or partial coverage of medical costs, you must produce the following documents upon arrival to the hospital :

    An ID card with your picture
    Your social-security card or CMU certificate (Free universal health care) or currently valid certificate of State Medical aid
    Your complementary health insurance card
    Or any other document proving your specific situation and coverage.


If your hospitalization is scheduled, you will get an estimate cost from the doctor on the basis of the expected duration of your stay.
A preliminary payment will be required before any admission.


In case of an emergency admission, you will be allowed in the hospital but you will be charged for the entire expenses of stay.


 Coverage of foreign patients :

    If you are a member of the European Community: the French Social Security will calculate your medical costs on the basis of the French tariff. You must have a European Medical Health Insurance Card.
    If you are not a member of the European Community: contact your local Social Security Office
    For further information, contact your local Consulate.


 Further information :
    Social Security European and International Connections (Centre de Liaisons Européennes et Internationales de Sécurité Sociale) :
    Bilateral agreements :
    In every hospital, voluntary interpreters among the staff will help you.




Emergency units


If your health requires urgent medical care and you cannot get to a general practitioner in time, you are welcome in one of our Emergency Units (“Service d’Accueil des Urgences”).


Medical and surgical emergencies open 24 hours a day :


 Adults :
   - Hôpital de la Timone - Emergency Department (Urgences)
   - Hôpital Nord  - Emergency Department (Urgences)


 Infants and Children (up to 15 years old) :
   - Hôpital Timone Enfants - Department of Pediatric Emergency (Urgences Enfants)
   - Hôpital Nord - Department of Paediatric Emergency




Specialized emergency units


 Poisons Unit
   +33 (0)4 9175 2525


 Obstetrics & Gynaecology emergency : 
   - Hôpital de la Conception
     +33 (0)4 9138 3664
   - Hôpital Nord
     +33 (0)4 9196 4855


 Burn victims :
   Hôpital de la Conception
   +33 (0)4 9194 1669 / +33 (0)49138 3938


 Eye emergency :
   - First two weeks of the month (1st to 15th)
     Hôpital Nord
     +33 (0)4 9196 4998
   - Last two weeks of the month (16th to 31st)
     Hôpital de la Timone
     +33 (0)4 9138 6545


 Psychiatric emergency :
   - Hôpital de la Conception
     +33 (0)4 9143 5014 / +33 (0)49143 5015
   - Hôpital Nord
     +33 (0)4 9196 4986 / +33 (0)4 9196 4825


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